Monday, April 26, 2010

Excerpt from Secrets of the Hidden Pyramids

Ok everyone,

Here is a short excerpt from book two!

The sun filtered through the opening of the cave as Kristine explored her surroundings, but deeper inside, the sun faded and it became, to her amazement, much cooler. She marveled at how big it was and wished Andrew could tell her more about it and Crete in general. The slow, methodical dripping of water cascading down, forming a small pool, fascinated Kristine, as she watched the drips seeping through the cave wall. She reached up, balancing on her toes, touching the cool wetness. It was starkly cold, as if she was touching unformed ice, and drew back her hand, shaking the water off. A shiver racing up her back caused her to shudder.

Before long, Kristine, venturing far from the opening and not paying attention, found herself lost. She turned trying to find her way back to the opening of the cave, but everywhere she turned the cave mirrored its gray limestone interior. She became frustrated and silently pleaded she would find either her way or Andrew would come and find her. She wasn’t scared, but not knowing anything about the area, didn’t want to attract attention to herself.

Continuing in the opposite direction, she felt some relief at hearing the high-pitched song of birds. The sun returned, warming her skin. “Ok, Andrew,” she said out loud to no one, “how long are you going to be gone? The last thing we need is to be separated again.” The silence surrounding her seemed to mock her.

Suddenly, a brisk wind blew through the cave, carrying with it a flying creature. Kristine screamed into the emptiness, as it grabbed her by its talons and flew away.

Moments later, she opened her eyes and found herself flying in a mast of clouds and sky, her hair beating against her skin. Normally she would have relished the journey, awed by the fascination of flight. But encased in large sharp claws and having no idea where she was going, she hung on, closing her eyes, waiting for the ground to solidify under her again.

The creature flew into another cave, dropped her on the ground and flew off again with swift speed. Kristine, pulling herself up, smoothed her skirt. She was brought here for a reason, she knew, but was more than a little curious as to why. She soon found out, as seconds later, a towering creature meandered its way from another passageway inside the cave, its long slithering tail swishing back and forth. Kristine’s heart quickened as she beheld the enemy, the creature who would do anything to get the locket, the locket she was wearing—Chimera.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome start to your second novel. The story sure grabbed me and I'm off to purchase them both.